Our Vision

We envision:

To be the leading and preferred midstream/downstream oil trading and asset management group in the IMA region (Indian Subcontinent, Middle East and Africa).

Our Mission

  • To increase profitability by leveraging our special relationships with the key oil and gas companies across the IMA region.
  • To build a portfolio of core and niche areas which will provide short-term as well as long- term growth opportunities.
  • To target and achieve future floatation of ALSAA so as to expand its business and financial base.


  • Strategic partnerships, supply chain value addition & business partner concept
  • Focus on niche markets, products & deals with high volume/med to low margin
  • Grow current trades in Middle East, India, Pakistan & Nigeria
  • Develop trades in Far East Asia, South & East Africa and Europe
  • Development of retail gas stations and grow footprint
  • Expand choke asset base-acquire tug boat vessels and storage tanks
  • Set up a Bunkering company in the Middle East.